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tea-bike - stop for tea 

The tea-bike is designed for Handels Kontor Bremen, a major distributor of high-quality teas and tea-related accessories.

The idea behind the tee bike was a completely new, innovative and environmentally friendly concept ("stop for tea”) for selling tea, comparable to the already known 'coffie bikes. With the teabike it becomes possible to sell tea, but also tea cocktails and iced tea in the summer, for weekly markets, Christmas markets, festivals, summer parties, corporate events and at major train stations.

The teabike was commissioned by Tee Handelskontor Bremen in Berlin, by the company Velofracht. Design and concepts by horst4Dsign

It has an aluminum frame that is covered with plastic panels. The roof construction of the trailer can slide down approx. 80 cm for transport.

From December 2019, the first tea-bike will be selling tea at Südbahnhof in Berlin.

idee en concept:
technische uitvoering:
velofracht / horst4dsign
aluminium – diverse materialen
uitvoering constructie:
velofracht Berlin
3000 × 1200 × 1600 mm




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