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Bijenkorf Diamonds 

The most expensive moving shop display in the world

The corner display window of the Bijenkorf showed an exhibit of jewels called “Movements”, commissioned by the Antwerp Hoge Raad voor Diamant.

horst4Dsign designed and executed together with Mac Thiadens “the worlds most expensive moving shop display” in collaboration with the Amsterdam Bijenkorf store and Diamond Point. 18 of the 50 pieces of jewellery on view were hung in a specially designed mobile.

Every night the original pieces worth € 1.5 million were locked away in a safe. They were substituted by replicas, identical in size and weight but made of replacement materials like nuts and bolts and electrical wire …

idea and design by:
Horst Grütering
manufactured by:
Horst Grütering & Mac Thiadens
materials used:
all kind of materials
De Bijenkorf BV / Diamond Point




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