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About me 

Horst Grütering


Horst Grütering (1958) is Industrial Designer and producer.

He is educated in Germany (HFG Offenbach) and the Netherlands (Gerrit Rietveld Accademie) and specialized in ‘moving art objectes’ for allmost 20 years.

Creating mobiles and art objects in all kind of sizes for in – and outdoor use in public spaces.

Design objects to play with al kind of scientific elements as gravity, wind or balance.

Colourful, moving objects, to surprise

and to let people stand still…

horst4Dsign is for:

  • Concepts – design – production for all kind of (moving) art objects in public spaces
  • Creative play with scientific elements
  • Simplicity in form and function
  • Design out-of-the box, with a touch of the impossible
  • Ease of conversation – dutch, german and english

horst4Dsign …because it moves !


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