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This “Watch” is a combination of jewellery and timepiece.

The basis for this design is a new plastic LCD foil which makes it possible to form the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in a bent shape. The timekeeping unit has two rings. One ring is for the hours and another for the minutes. Both are solar powered. Every minute one green dot will illuminate on the minute ring, and when the hour is full (59 dots, at the end of the 60th minute), the following hour on the “hour ring” will illuminate and the minute ring resets. So time “crawls” around your wrist like a snake. Another quality of this “wristwatch” is the metal coating of the inside of the rings. Each ring is prepared with four differently coloured silver coatings, which become visible via abrasion and chemical aging of the layers. The effect is that of a gobstopper slowly revealing its colours.

Created by:
Horst Grütering
materials used:
Horst Grütering


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