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"Kunst van hier tot ginder" Okkenbroek 2012 

The 'Jaknikker – Windtikker' stood at a bicycle – art – track called: Kunst van hier tot ginder- Okkenbroek 2012 in a special formation.

The Jaknikker is a banner which can revolve on its axis 360 degrees and can dip up and down.

The Wind ticker is based on the principle of rigging ticking against a ship's mast. Hans van Koolwijk invented the original design which was executed together with Horst Grütering.

Jaknikker/Windtikker are for hire!

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idea and design by:
Horst Grütering & Hans van Koolwijk, (Mac Thiadens)
materials used:
aluminium tube, polyester taft
Horst Grütering & Hans van Koolwijk


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