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"Jaknikker" and "Windticker" 

The “Jaknikker” consists of a banner on a balanced fork which is able to rotate on its axis 360 degrees and can dip up and down. This way the Jaknikker can display both wind force and wind direction. In a gale the banners are practically horizontal and taut, during a light breeze they flutter up and down elegantly.

“Windticker” is the Jaknikker equipped with a sounding tube the wind can “tick” to make a special kind of music – watch the video for an impression.

The Jaknikker, which was developed by Horst Grütering and Mac Thiadens, together with the “Windticker” of Hans van Koolwijk was shown for the first time at the Eijsden castle art event “The sound of image – The image of sound” in 1999.

The Jaknikker can be rented for events – now also with a Windticker. Contact us for sale and rental prices.

The “Knik-tiks” were displayed for about two weeks during Hans van Koolwijks exhibition 2010 on the terrace near the Ij.

The invisible movement of the wind is visualized in the lazy rolling banner dance …

idea and design by:
Horst Grütering & Hans van Koolwijk, Mac Thiadens
materials used:
aluminium tube, polyester taft
Horst Grütering & Hans van Koolwijk




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